From Forests to Firing Range

GGAT are currently looking for volunteers to help with a project on the north Gower coast.

The project will be focusing on two primary targets that were identified by the Arfordir project  as needing further work.  These being:

the Burry Inlet Artillery Range

the prehistoric forest and peat levels at Whitford Point.

If you’d like to be involved in this project or would like more information, please contact Paul W Huckfield outreach@ggat.org.uk or call 01792 655208 (ext 3).

Exciting discoveries from our Second World War Airfields project

Year 2 of the Second World War Airfields project is underway and new and exciting sites are coming to light everyday. The most recent discovery has been the substantial remains of this aircraft test butts (drawing number 12312/41). This large brick building, which has had a number of modern alterations and additions, would have been where the aircraft would have tested their cannons by firing into the recess, this would have had a sloping bank of sand inside to stop the rounds.