Swansea Museum

GGAT ‘Archaeology for All’ 2012

GGAT kicks off  its Festival of British Archaeology events with their annual ‘Archaeology for All‘ day at Swansea Museum, Victoria Road, Swansea, this Saturday 14th July.
The Trust have a full line up of activities for this 16-day festival, organised by The Council for British Archaeology and a full list can be found on the GGAT website.
The ‘Archaeology for All‘ event is to encourage everyone, especially young people and their families to visit sites of archaeological/historical interest or museums, heritage and resource centres, to see archaeology in action and to take part in activities on-site. This is a chance for the people of Swansea and its surroundings to find out about their heritage and archaeology of the region.
There will be something for all on the day:
  • Roman cookery
  • Childrens excavation
  • Bronze Age facepainting
  • Medieval archers
And lots more! So come along and dig in!!