Work Experience GGAT Style

Photograph showing work experience placement students with Dr Edith Evans (GGAT) on Llanmadoc Hill, Gower

Work Experience Students visit, Llanmadoc Hill, Gower

Throughout June and July a number of students will (and have been) with us for their work experience placement. So far Marissa, Dylan and Nephi have undertaken field visits to archaeological sites, explored where they live on historic maps and using Archwilio, designed posters, digitised Conservation Areas, dealt with Roman and Medieval finds, promoted GGAT’s Open Day and much more. The students work with staff throughout the Trust to gain an insight into the many activities and operations of a company such as GGAT from traditional archaeological processes to more technical work with a range of IT software. Every summer we have a number of students here, so book your place now to avoid disappointment! If you have a particular project in mind, just let us know.

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