GGAT at the Senedd Heritage Lottery Fund Showcase

On Wednesday 7th December GGAT attended the Senedd as part of the HLF Wales projects representation. The evening was a showcase for all the recent projects that have been funded by the HLF. GGAT formed part of the HLF Skills for the Future stand with their current Community Archaeology Training Placement holder Natasha Scullion and a collection of posters specially designed to promote some of the community projects that have been undertaken so far, in particular the project running at present on the Clyne Valley.

All four Welsh CATP bursary holders were in attendance representing GGAT, Dyfed Archaeological Trust, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust and Cadw. They explained their roles and projects to the other attendees including Dame Jenny Abramsky chair of the UK HLF who was keen to hear about what the placements had achieved so far.

The evening was a great success with the stand having constant visitors, all interested in what the CATP bursaries were all about and what projects they were working on.