Call to arms for all Arfordir Groups within the GGAT area

Due to the January storms a large number of archaeological sites along the coastline have been damaged/destroyed and we need to know what has been lost. The storm has also been a double edged sword and has also exposed a large number of new sites and features, such as new prehistoric footprints at Kenfig and cannons at Rest Bay. GGAT is therefore asking all it’s groups to visit their stretch of coastline and record any damage or new sites. Please be careful as the weather is still stormy and we suggest that you go out in a group and not on your own and use your common sense at all times.


Cwm Nash Geophysical Survey – Day 2

A beautifully sunny day at the GGAT Cwm Nash Survey. The site was very busy today with our fantastic and hard working volunteers! We also had lots of visits from members of the public passing through on their coastal path walks. It was lovely to meet you all.
We began our day by setting up our GPS station at the top of the hill to the south of the site. What a beautiful view from there. Our volunteers surveyed then surveyed two grids of resistivity and two grids of magnetometry. A good set of data collected.
We also undertook the survey of the edge of the receding cliff by GPS. To enable us to do this safely Richard Hamilton of Atlantic College was on site to attach us to the land by anchored ropes and harness. The volunteers then continued the topographic survey of the site with great detail. 

Many thanks to everyone who gave their time, skill and enthusiasm, to the project today. Looking forward to tomorrow!A GGAT archaeologist surveys the cliff edge at Cwm Nash to help plot erosion rates.