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GGAT Memories

The Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust formally came into existence on 13th September 1976. In the run up to our anniversary, we are carrying out a number of celebratory events, some in conjunction with our colleagues at the Clwyd-Powys, Dyfed and Gwynedd Archaeological Trusts.

One thing that we would like to do is share memories with our staff and members past and present, our many clients, customers and supporters, and most particularly with everyone who lives in and cares about the heritage of South Wales.

In order to do this we will be running a series of themed stories over the coming year. Each month will be related to a particular aspect of our work – past or present- though we are not going to reveal too much at this stage!

We would also like you to share your thoughts, messages and pictures with us.  So, if you’ve worked for GGAT over our 40 year history and have memories and photos, or have attended one of our Open Days or visited one of our excavations we’d like to hear from you.  These can be shared through any of our social media streams.

To get the ball rolling the first theme is the Trust as an educative charity (we were formally registered in October 1976). Our object is to ‘educate the public in archaeology’.

Is there anything we’ve done that you have particularly liked? Did you enjoy a visit to one of our excavations or attend a talk or lecture? Did you see one of our exhibitions or visit our stands at the Eisteddfod or other shows? Have you read one of the leaflets or booklets that we have produced? Have you looked at the information on our main and subsidiary websites? What have we done that you have you liked?  Share your memories on our social media streams (Facebook, Instagram) and on Twitter using the hash tag #ggatmemories.

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Youth Heritage Fund

Untitled-7In 2015-2016 the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts (WATs) are celebrating their collective 40th anniversaries with a range of celebratory activities.

As one of these activities the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust will be establishing a fund that will be used solely to provide support and encouragement to young people living in South Wales who are interested in our local archaeological heritage and in the practice of archaeology in general.

The fund will allow us to increase opportunities for young persons to engage with archaeology. For example it would be used to support the establishment or activities of Young Archaeologist Clubs, or development and distribution of learning materials, or meet the costs for work-place learning experience, or support activities with schools or registered youth groups.

The fund will be administered by the Trustees of the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust. The Trust is a Charitable Company registered with the Charity Commission and with Companies House (see

We will be raising monies over the next twelve months through sponsored activities and donations.

As the first of these our Outreach Officer Paul Huckfield will be undertaking a sponsored cycle ride around Wales, stopping at each of the four WATs offices along with notable historic and archaeological sites on his journey. He will be posting a daily blog with details of the sites he visits on the Trusts social media streams and you can keep track of where he is in Wales via his Strava feed, which will be displayed on our Facebook site.  You can sponsor Paul by downloading a sponsorship form here.

We are hoping to have the online donations site available soon to help you make a donation more easily


Archwilio Mobile App

Exploration of Wales’ archaeological treasures is set to be transformed, not only for those with limited knowledge of archaeology but also seasoned archaeologists alike, with the launch of the fun and interactive Archwilio app-a world first for Wales. The Archwilio app, commissioned by the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts and designed by the University of South Wales’ Centre for Excellence in Mobile Applications and Services (CEMAS), is the first time a whole country’s archaeological records have been listed in one APP. Free to download, the Archwilio APP, will be launched today, Thursday 7th November, by The Minister for Culture and Sport, John Griffiths, at the National Museum Wales in Cardiff.

John Griffiths, The Minister for Culture and Sport, reported that, “The new Archwilio phone APP puts the heritage of Wales on the map. Available to download for free, it makes it possible for anyone with a suitable smartphone to access information on the thousands of known archaeological and historic sites in Wales. The historic environment records of Wales were already available online, but with the launch of the Archwilio APP Wales will make this wealth of information, collected by generations of investigators, available to mobile users, allowing them a glimpse of the hidden heritage all around us.

“The Archwilio app marks an important leap forwards in using technology to discover the heritage of Wales. As well as allowing users to check records, the app can be used to add information, opening up opportunities for volunteers to get directly involved in archaeological recording and investigation. The Archwilio app truly opens archaeology to everyone in Wales.”