Cyfarthfa Ironworks, Merthyr Tydfil

Over the past 2 months GGAT has been excavating at the former Cyfarthfa Ironworks, Merthyr Tydfil. The development area is situated in what was once the coke yard and associated ovens connected to the ironworks. The excavation has revealed multiphase forges, smithies, coke ovens, calcining kilns, coal stores, a marshalling yard and office buildings.

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  1. Hi, I managed to get up to Cyfartha on Sept. 8 so unfortunately missed the Open Day….I recently came across this information on the Facebook site “Lost Ottawa”.

    Excerpt from “Lost Ottawa”. “The noonday gun was originally cast in Wales and was used in the Crimean War. This nine-pound muzzle ship’s gun issued to the British army garrison stationed in Ottawa in 1854 by the British military. It was purchased by the Canadian government in 1869 and fired for many years as the “Noonday Gun”. The nine-pound muzzle ship’s cannon weighs 1818 kilograms and was purchased in 1869 by the Postmaster-General for Canada on the authority of the Prime Minister Sir John Macdonald. After it’s daily firing was stopped in the 1980s by budget cuts the gun was transferred to The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.

    Unfortunately I cannot copy and paste the image of the cannon described. The cannon sat near Parliament Hill for years. I wonder in what Welsh iron foundry it was made? Thought you may be interested.

    Ottawa’s Noonday Gun c1882 – Topley Studio, Library and Archives Canada, PA-008384”

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