Work Experience: Archaeology

During the past two days I have been working and mostly learning the ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the archaeological trade.

Coming into year ten in Olchfa Comprehensive I had come to the time when I had to be posted places for work experience. The manner that I was posted in was quite different from the more familiar method of acquiring work experience placements. Due to the introduction of a new course to the school curriculum called the ‘Welsh Baccalaureat’. (from hear on forwards it is welsh bacc)  Due to this new curriculum the choosing of work experience placements had to be done by a careers Wales interface.

During this search I looked down the administrative column to find the GGAT (the Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust) so I thought to myself that working for an archaeology firm would be far more interesting than sitting in an office kitchen making coffee and tea nine-to-five. So as you could probably tell by the title I managed to be posted in the GGAT.

My first day at the GGAT was an interesting one, first of all I did not spend all day making coffee and tea to overworked cranky office workers. No, in the GGAT my first day started with a tour of the workplace and then settling down and doing research about an old abandoned copper-works. To be honest I did not expect to go running off to some crumbling old roman fort or some soggy old dig site, no the notion that archeologists all have stetson expertly cocked over their heads and that they all wear weather worn leather jackets and run off to strange adventures is all quite wrong. As I have come to find out yes archeologists do go to some half mythical dig site time to time, but the majority of the work is technical and spent tapping away in front of a key board.  However the whole process is interesting for you begin to see the time and preparation needed to make things like ‘Time Team’ and other archeology shows work. All the small and large problems faced to legally and properly dig a four by four hole in the ground.

Now on my second day well I’m doing this blog, overall this course and hopefully the rest of this course would prove to be interesting and engaging as I have found it to be so far.

Wooji Choi student at Olchfa comprehensive

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