Day in the Life – Chief Executive

Returned late last night (9.45pm arrival) from Llandudno having attended Welsh Historic Environment Group (HEG) meeting. HEG is the advisory group to the Welsh Minister for Heritage who is currently Huw Lewis, who chaired the afternoon session. Topics included the proposed process for bringing forward a Heritage Bill for Wales, meeting Historic Building Craft skill shortfalls, History Research in Wales. Back to management reality today: 1) Finance Committee review with auditors of 2010-2011 annual report and accounts ahead of full board consideration; 2) GGAT HER Charitable Trust meeting considering  amongst other things GGAT HER development progress – nice to note the significant impact that our volunteers are making in improving the content (digitial and non-digital), organisation and care of this important record – event data updating issues, progress on ensuring data consistency with SAM/LB records; development of archwilio as an oasis type resource (grey literature is uploaded need to facilitate access), impact of facilitating access to archwilio at outreach events, approval of draft depositor agreement; 3) update from Head of Projects on forthcoming work – good take up in difficult times 4) E-mail review – two days out of office they pile up – topics included arrangements for delivery of recruitment flyer for community archaeology engagement as part of Blaenavon Forgotten Landscapes Partnership project, issues arising from circulation of a paper on conservation management, current legal/financial issues; standard and guidance for curatorial archaeology, archwilio MoU, Welsh Historic Environment Assessment Report, and a miasma of internal management matters and other matters that are currently confidential/preliminary; 5) Signed off a variety of payments – end of month and we  trade on a thirty day basis.

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