Group of GGAT archaeologists in PPE at Neath Excavation

GGAT is training all its staff in ‘social networking’


My name is Andrew Marvell. I am the Chief Executive at GGAT.

In order that we can reach as wide an audience as possible through new technology the Trust added to its website outputs by setting up a range of social networking links (blogger, wordpress, twitter and so forth). We realised that only a few of our staff were using these facilities and most were relying on our outreach officer to post content. So we have set up a series of internal training sessions so that all our staff can get up to speed with using these information conduits with the intention that we will be able to let you know more quickly about the projects that we are undertaking, the events that we have planned, and perhaps most importantly the discoveries that we make both during fieldwork and during post-excavation studies.

Today I and colleagues are in the third group to be trained by out Web Manager Paul Huckfield. This is my second blog and I have learnt so far how basically to use blogger and wordpress. Although as is ever the case practice will be the key. Neverless the excitement in learning a new skill is great – must check to see whether I can include this in my IFA professional CPD Log.

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