Find of the Month-March

This Bronze Age socketed spearhead was found on the intertidal zone of Swansea Bay by Mr Peter Jones and dates to c.1150-750BC.

The spearhead has applied decoration around the socket, beneath the start of the blade. The decoration comprises four bands of linear striations flanked on each side by repeating chevrons or small punched triangles and has been finely incised and carefully applied. It has been suggested that this type of decoration may be refering to bindings that were used on earlier socketed spearheads to keep them fastened to their wooden shafts.

Socketed and riveted spearheads have been recorded from Wales, such as the example from the Llantwit Major hoard in the Vale of Glamorgan. Decorated spearheads have also been recorded, for example at Guilsfield in Powys where one of the spearheads has a punched dot decoration around the socket and base. However, the closest parallel for the Swansea spearhead is an example found in the Thames at Staines and now in the Museum of London collection.

Bronze Age socketed spearhead found on Swansea Bay

Bronze Age socketed spearhead found on Swansea Bay


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  1. I refer to the “Bronze Age socketed spearhead” found in Swansea Bay. I was wondering if its design, etc indicated what cultural group it might belong to?

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