The Festival of British Archaeology Comes to Town

The Annual GGAT Archaeological Extravaganza takes place this Saturday 18th July from 10.30am-4pm at Swansea Musuem, Victoria Road, Swansea, and kicks off GGATs part in the ‘Festival of British Archaeology‘ a 16-day Festival, organised by The Council for British Archaeology.

The aim of this annual event is to encourage everyone, especially young people and their families to visit sites of archaeological/historical interest or museums, heritage and resource centres, to see archaeology in action and to take part in activities on-site. This is a chance for the people of Swansea and its surroundings to find out about their heritage and archaeology of the region.

There will be something for all on the day:

  • Roman cookery
  • Mystery excavation
  • Prehistoric pottery
  • Medieval archers
  • Meet a coal miner
  • Recreate a face from the past

And lots more! So come along and dig in!!

Also, have you ever found an old coin, a piece of worked stone, a metal object or a piece of pottery, and ever wondered what it was? Maybe you found it in your garden, on a beach or while out walking.

Why not bring them along as we will be running an archaeological finds identification roadshow, as all archaeological finds – though initially they might seem unimportant – have the potential to advance archaeological knowledge.

For more information contact: Roger Gale at Swansea Museum or Caroline Thomas at


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