Evidence of Prehistoric activity discovered at Ffos y fran, Merthyr Tydfil

Recent excavations at Ffos y fran, Merthyr Tydfil, have unearthed some exciting and very rare prehistoric finds. During the soil stripping of part of the Cwmbargoed Mountain, north of Gelligaer Common, a large area of burning was identified beneath the peaty topsoil. Within this burnt area several worked pieces of flint were recovered, including one fine Mesolithic (8000BC-4000BC) flint core. A small quantity of burnt bone was recovered from a slight depression but it is unclear whether this is the result of food waste or possibly from a cremation. A rim-sherd was recovered a short distance from the burnt area but is not thought to be related to burnt bone. Measuring c6cm² the rim is steeply bevelled, with a short neck and rounded shoulder; the diameter can be estimated at approximately 200mm. The sherd is in extremely poor condition and the fabric is soft and very friable. The rim is believed to be prehistoric but further analysis and conservation is required before any definitive conclusions can be drawn regarding its origins.


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