Excavations at Church Hill, Penmaen

The presence of an enclosure at Church Hill has been known for a long time. Because of the name, it was always though to be an early churchyard, and the nearly circular shape is often considered typical of pre-Norman church sites. However, a local resident Helen Grove, brought Roman pottery she had discovered on the site into the Glamorgan- Gwent Archaeological Trust, and the Trust reported the find to Cadw. The site became a Scheduled Ancient Monument at the beginning of 2008, and Cadw has funded work on a small excavation to find out more about it, and to see whether the track that ran over the enclosure had done any serious damage to the archaeology. The excavation was carried out by the Trust, students from Swansea University and members of the Royal Institution of South Wales.

Our excavations have shown that vehicles on the track have made ruts in the surface of the bank surrounding the enclosure, and stones have been added to it, probably to repair damage.

We have also discovered a wall outside the enclosure. This is probably part of a building, but we have not yet found any other walls belonging to it. A lot of tile has been found in this area, but the excavation has produced remarkably few finds for a Roman site.


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